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What is UL1007 Electrical PVC Hook UP Wire?

UL1007 pvc hook up wire is kind of ul wire, it is an internal wiring of electrical equipment. Conductor can be tinned,annealed,stranded or solid copper. It uses PVC insulation. Rated temperature is 80℃,and rated voltage is 300volts. Use uniform thickness to ensure easy cutting and stripping.Passes UL VW-1&CSA FT1 vertical flame test. FQA about UL 1007 […]

What is Auto Electrical Wire?

Auto Electrical Wire also named Automotive Electrical Wire is a general term for the wires used to connect  all electrical equipment circles in automobiles. It includes low-voltage wires for lighting, alarms, indications, and other auxiliary electrical equipment connections; motor wires and battery connection wires for power supply, starting system  and grounding wire; high-voltage ignition wire used […]

How to Choose Electrical Wires and Cables?

Electric Wires and cables are the main carrier of power transmission and are indispensable for every family. The quality is directly related to the people’s safety and properties. However, in the current electric wire market, there is a mixed bag. Due to the lack of professional knowledge, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to directly […]

How to Choose Electrical Wire for Home?

House and shops decoration has become a fashion. However, improper decoration, especially the selection of electric wires that does not meet the specified requirements, can easily cause fires,endanger property and personal safety. So, How to choose electric wire for home? 1. Use rubber copper wire as the power cord. As rubber copper wire especially a ul […]