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UL CABLE develop various cable, wire, harness each year. Please feel free to give us an email to request for new model wire & cable specs file. If any new wire model specs brochure is not in the below sheet.

Sincerely hope these specs brochures will help you in studying the cable, wire, harness that you are interested in. And finally find out wires or cables that meet your application requirements. And build up long term partnership with UL CABLE!


File typeProduct NameSizeRelease DateDownload
pdfGXL Wire316KB2017-05-28Download
pdfTXL Wire224KB2016-12-28Download
pdfSXL Wire225KB2017-2-28Download
pdfFLRY Wire237KB2014-2-28Download
pdfAVSS Wire241KB2014-1-22Download
pdfUL 1007 Wire254KB2016-06-18Download
pdfUL 1015 Wire306KB2015-02-12Download
pdfUL1185 Wire230KB2016-09-17Download
pdfUL2464 Cable296KB2014-03-12Download
pdfUL2725 Cable260KB2014-03-22Download
pdfUL20276 Cable282KB2014-03-23Download