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How to Choose Electrical Wire for Home?

House and shops decoration has become a fashion. However, improper decoration, especially the selection of electric wires that does not meet the specified requirements, can easily cause fires,endanger property and personal safety. So, How to choose electric wire for home?

UL1007 Wire

Electric Wire for Home

1. Use rubber copper wire as the power cord.

As rubber copper wire especially a ul wire has the advantages of good heat resistance and high conductivity.It’s really not wise to choose buy plastic wires or glue wires to save money.

2, The cross-section of the wire should be appropriate.

Generally, it is calculated according to the safety current of 4~7 amperes per plastic I I square millimeter. Small cross-section may cause the wire to be fully loaded or overloaded or cause heat generation. In addition, it is necessary to consider the increase in electrical equipment in the future, and leave room for it.

3, Avoid shed wire connectors.

If connector is not firm, when the resistance is large, and it is easy to generate heat.Connector is often a hidden danger of accidents.So copper and aluminum connectors are prohibited.

4, Earth line and live line must be separated.

Generally, you can use a porcelain bottle to fix and tighten the wires. Keep away from flammable materials such as plywood to prevent the two wires from being entangled together to prevent damage to the short-circuit accident occurred.

5, Choose proper fuse.

The wires in the decorated room should be equipped with a fuse-protected master switch.According to the current of 4.5 amperes per kilowatt to choose it. For example, if the total capacity of a household appliance is 2 kilowatts, then the total current is 9 amps, and a 10 amp fuse is enough.

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