UL1185 Wire Cable

What is UL1007 Electrical PVC Hook UP Wire?

UL1007 pvc hook up wire is kind of ul wire, it is an internal wiring of electrical equipment. Conductor can be tinned,annealed,stranded or solid copper. It uses PVC insulation. Rated temperature is 80℃,and rated voltage is 300volts. Use uniform thickness to ensure easy cutting and stripping.Passes UL VW-1&CSA FT1 vertical flame test.

UL1185 Wire Cable

UL1007 Electrical PVC Hook UP Wire 

FQA about UL 1007 pvc hook up wire

1. What do these UL wire numbers mean?
Answer: 1007/1015/1095/1569 represents the model of UL electronic wire, not the standard, they are suitable for UL758 standard;

2. What is the relationship between UL758 and UL1581 reference standards and their test methods and the numbers such as 1007 mentioned above?
Answer: Same as above, 1007 refers to a type of electronic wire;

3.How many standards are there under UL such as 1007?
Answer: UL has thousands of types of electronic cables. For example, those with the beginning of 1 are from 1001 to 1999, and from 10001 to 19999; others beginning of 2/3/4/5 are the same.

4. There are 8 kinds of wires from AWG16-AWG30 under UL1007 PVC Hook UP Wire , and there are 10 kinds of wires from AWG10-AWG26 under UL1015, so what is the difference for the same parts AWG22 between UL1007 and UL1015 ?
Answer: AWG is American wire gauge, each AWG refers to a specific cross-sectional area of conductor. For example, different types of wires, such as 1007 and 1015, the conductor cross-sectional area of their 22AWG wires are exactly the same, but other structures/materials /Parameters/purposes are different. Different model wire structure is different;

5.What is CSA C22.2 No. 210.2? It often appears at the same time with UL758?
Answer: This is the CSA electronic wire standard (Canadian Standardization Organization).

OEM & ODM for UL1007 PVC Hook UP Wire  and other UL wires

1. Terminals and plastic shells

We can customize according to customer requirements. It can use foreign brand materials such as JST, MOLEX, AMP, HRS, JAE, etc., or use our company’s connectors produced corresponding to foreign brand models. We use PA66, LCP, PBT environmental material. All terminals use phosphor bronze;

2. Wire materials

PVC type UL wires: UL1007, UL1571, UL1672, UL2464, UL2468, UL1015CCC, Polyvinyl chloride: RV-90 Silicone rubber type: UL3239, UL3132, UL3135 Teflon type: UL1131, UL1332.

3. Wire color

We can customize various monochrome wires (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, purple, gray, white), note wires (yellow note green, orange note black, white note black, red note Black, yellow with black, blue with black, etc.), the specific color can be customized according to customer needs!

4. UL cable service

Same service, we are more perfect, same charging, we are more reasonable.

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